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updated 2024-03-03

When will Daggerheart’s Open Beta Playtest period begin and what should I expect?

Open Beta Playtesting for Daggerheart will begin on March 12, 2024. At that time, PDF materials will be available right here on and via DriveThruRPG. Our friends at Demiplane are hosting a Daggerheart Nexus with online playtest content and a digital character creator, which will also be available as part of the open beta. We encourage you to play Daggerheart as often as you’d like and we ask that you share your feedback with us through our official surveys. Keep an eye on this page for updates!

Am I allowed to stream Daggerheart Open Beta Playtest materials?

Yes. Just be aware that the game is still in active development and things may change in the final version of Daggerheart.

Can I publish and monetize content for Daggerheart based on the Open Beta Playtest materials?


What is playtesting?

In a playtest, you'll play a draft version of the game that is not yet final, then provide feedback about your experience. Darrington Press want to understand your experience with a game and use that understanding to improve the game before it is released.

During the playtesting program, we'll be sending out prototype versions of the Daggerheart game materials. Your play may be moderated or observed by a member of our development or design team who will interview you, or it might be unguided with a postgame survey for you to report data.

After a round of testing where Darrington Press collect information from multiple games, they update the game materials and begin a new round with updated materials and new players.

Playtesting isn't just about finding what's broken or imbalanced - it's also about finding the things that are great about a game and making sure they shine. Darrington Press want Daggerheart to be the best it can be, which means gathering a broad array of perspectives to give us feedback before release.

I'm interested in covering Daggerheart as a member of the press or as a content creator. How do Darrington Press get in touch?

Two of the questions on the signup form allow you to opt in for press and media contacts. If you fill the sign-up form out, you're all set!

Alternatively, reach out to Darrington Press through their contact page with the "Media and Press" topic.

Who is Darrington Press?

Established by the team behind Critical Role, Darrington Press is a tabletop game publishing company that provides ways for people worldwide to create shared experiences through storytelling, shaping their own adventures and making invaluable memories along the way. For more information on Darrington Press go to

Who is Brieger Creative?

Brieger Creative is an independent development studio working with publishers to turn prototypes into great games. Darrington Press work behind the scenes, mostly in board games.

As developers on Daggerheart, Darrington Press facilitate the playtesting program and work with the design team to use insights from testing to improve the game. If you're curious about what they do, check out the rest of our website.